Radio Development

In this age of pervasive wireless communications with offers of “free” cellular phones every day, WiFi hotspots at every coffee shop, and cordless phones in every home, consumers now take radio technology for granted.  In todays market a large percentage of electronic products use radio technology to eliminate wires and maintain connectivity with the outside world.  Despite the complex engineering and physics involved the public expects new electronic products to incorporate radio communications that simply work.

Due to the complexities of radio propagation, high frequency circuit design, and regulatory issues, there are many hurdles on the way to getting radio connectivity into your products.  Developing a wireless product requires specialized expertise and equipment and involves many challenges, such as radio interference issues and integrating the antenna into the package.

Whether you need a simple short-range wireless link or a complex radio network designed, PDE has the expertise, experience and equipment to make your wireless project a success.  We have many years experience designing radio systems for a wide range of products – from simple, low cost 27MHz radios for wireless computer peripherals to very complex 2.4GHz spread spectrum systems.

Along with our other in-house capabilities such as embedded microcontroller design, mechanical design and printed circuit board design we provide a complete solution for your wireless product design and we can take it all the way from concept through regulatory testing into production.

PDE is proudly supporting ENSCO, Inc, in their mission to provide a superior GPS-denied geolocation navigation solution for first responder and military personnel.

For the past decade ENSCO has supplied government and commercial clients with custom technology that precisely tracks and locates individuals in GPS-denied environments. PDE has provided proprietary technology and design services that have been key to ENSCO’s custom Ranger Radio Frequency–Time of Arrival (RF–TOA) technology.

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