Circuit board layout

PDE offers a complete Printed Circuit Board (PCB) layout capability.  We have extensive experience in everything from high-density advanced packaging to lowest-cost boards for high volume consumer applications.

To ensure physical integrity with the enclosure design, the board's mechanical parameters are tied to our Mechanical Design teams through links to their mechanical design tools.  Our PCB group is also backed-up by the extensive experience and expertise of our RF and Electronics Design groups.

We understand that fast turnaround of layouts is essential to a project, so PDE has a proven design methodology that expedites success.  This process features gated design reviews and consultation with you throughout the development cycle; ensuring that manufacturability, testability and quality are built into the design.

With a number of dedicated PCB designers on staff, timing and scheduling is never an issue; and if you prefer to have the layout activity more interactive, then we can put our people on-site with your design team.


“I want to extend a special thanks to PDE for putting forth the extra effort to meet our schedule. It is comforting knowing that a key partner can be counted on to help us realize our design goals."

Andrew J. Beauto, Program Manager, Photometrics


Routing a printed circuit board
High density printed circuit board
Prototype of rigid flex SMT PCB
Mechanical model of PCB