Product Strategy

" the formulation of ideas and specifications that optimize the function, form and value of products for the mutual benefit of all stakeholders: end-users, suppliers, distributors, installers, etc. Emphasizing both production and human needs through understanding of product aesthetics, ergonomics / human factors, safety features, manufacturing processes, engineering requirements and marketing features, effective industrial design optimizes product utility and acceptance."

The product development world is littered with companies who think that a great idea is everything.  Although it is a good start, if the ideas don't translate into products that work and sell, then you've wasted your time and opportunity.

At PDE we believe that the process of transforming those ideas into solid products is started with Industrial Design.  Features, functionality, usage, environments, marketing, distribution, manufacturability and reliability are just some of the criteria explored to gain a complete understanding of those ideas and how they relate to the product’s goals.

Then, armed with a complete understanding of what is needed, our design and development teams can start the detailed process of making it happen.

Enclosure made of cast aluminum
Model of electronic enclosure
Enclosure made of sheet metal
Touch screen terminal