The first user-friendly device to help restore a more normal gait pattern for those with foot drop as a result of a neurological disease or injury, WalkAideTM is a common peroneal nerve stimulator that easily attaches to the leg with one hand.  The unique wireless design and lightweight construction allow WalkAideTM to be worn below the knee and discreetly fit under most clothing.

"We were looking for a product design subcontractor that would assume responsibility for multiple aspects of the WalkAideTM project.  After meeting with PDE's people and reviewing their background we gave PDE the contract.  PDE took charge and developed a good understanding of all the elements of the project. They were very committed to my project and also integrated well with the other consultants and design houses on my team. I am very satisfied!"

Will Gibson, Ph.D., P.Eng., Director of Product Development, NeuroMotion Inc.