AdFleet and PDE "re-invent the wheel" with Captions™, an innovative and patented design for non-rotating wheel covers worn by taxis, commercial fleets and transit buses.

AdFleet launched its inaugural outdoor advertising technology in Los Angeles and Toronto, unveiling Captions™ for client companies including Taco Bell, the LA Dodgers, Virgin Cola and Jiffy Lube. This new outdoor medium was then “rolled out“ in a number of North America's largest cities including; Miami, Dallas, Houston, New Orleans, Washington DC, Atlanta, Denver and San Diego, among others.

"AdFleet's eye catching wheel covers are unique and bring great sizzle to the promotional and brand-building activities of Virgin Cola." ----- Ranjit Singh, Chief Operating Officer of Virgin Cola.

“From product design in Vancouver to on-site product engineering in Asia, PDE is my principle engineering team. They provide the overall technical expertise that make our products such a success.”
-----Bruce McLean, Chief Technology Officer, AdFleet Advertising Inc.